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  1. Give me the topic you want me to write about.

This is less than 1000-word content well-researched content with links to scientific evidence.

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We offer well-researched psychedelic and other alternative medicine articles and blogs. Our writings are backed with scientific evidence, such as clinical trials and studies on any given topic.

We have over two years of uninterrupted experience in this industry. We have helped many of my clients build their web content from scratch to a go-to online platform for information on alternative medicine

Our vast knowledge of the psychedelic industry spans various kinds of hallucinogenic substances, such as:


  • Psilocybin or Magic Mushrooms
  • LSD or Acid
  • DMT
  • Peyote
  • Ayahuasca
  • Cannabis
  • Kambo
  • San Pedro Cactus

And others


With our experience in psychedelic content writing and training in research writing, you can count on me to deliver to your satisfaction.