You will get to write rap music press release or an article for news website submission


Expected delivery: 7 days

Buyer Requirement:

  1. Only 1 URL (Per Order)
  2. Keywords as Anchor Text

A press release or an article writing

  • Up to 200 Words
  • Submit Press Release
  • Format Press Release

Our team of professional journalists will write a perfect Press Release for your album, song, or video to give you the best possible chance of having your project featured by music blogs and news sites.

We have created Press Releases for many major artists that have been published in a variety of popular publications including XXL, Raptology, All Hip Hop, Hype Magazine, Thisis50, HipHopDx, and many more.

What to send after you purchase the gig:


1. Links to your music (Youtube, Soundcloud, etc) and Social Media Profiles

2. A brief bio/description about yourself (in your own words is fine)

3. A description of your current project.

4. Photos


*We do NOT guarantee press placements with this gig.

However, we do offer some 100% guaranteed publishing options via custom offers. Just ask.

Blogs we distribute press releases to/work with:

1 AllHipHop

2 HipHopDX

3 Radiology

4 HipHopWired

5 Rap-up


7 TheSource

8 RapCastle

9 XXLmag

10 Bossip

11 OkayPlayer

12 RapRadar

13 TheHypeMagazine

14 AllRapNews

15 DopeFuture

16 HipHopWeekly

17 Ok-Tho

18 StreetMoneyMagazine

19 AllUnsigned

20 Complex

21 HipHopPush

22 IndieHipHop

23 Rap-Up

24 RapMajor

25 Thisis50