You will get to write 5 quality blog or social media comments


Expected delivery: 2 days

Buyer Requirement:

  1. Only 1 URL (Per Order)
  2. 5 Keywords as Anchor Text
  3. Short Description About Your Business (Optional)

5 knowledgeable comments on the posts of your choice with 20 words per comment with 2 focus keywords

  • 1 Revision
  • Up to 2 Focus Words
  • Topic Research
  • Number of words

If you want to promote your blog and are tired of spam or generic comments, We can help you!
How do RELEVANT COMMENTS help your blog grow?

COMMENTS = ENGAGEMENT! Readers are more likely to comment if someone else already has!
They keep your site relevant because they are considered user-generated content
They help posts rank for keywords and phrases.

How will our gig help you out?

We WILL write thoughtful & relevant responses to your posts.
We WILL actually read each post! This boosts your “Time Spent On-Site”.
We WILL use the keywords & tags on your posts in my interaction.
We WILL NOT write short, generic entries! Each one will be at least 20 words.