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You will get to Remove 1 Google Negative reviews from Google My Business


Expected delivery: 7 days


  1. Business name
  2. Google business page link
  3. The written reviews to post

We will Remove 1(One) Google Negative reviews from Google My Business

  • Nearby Optimizations

We are offering the following options for fixing unfair google reviews, You may choose any one of the below options

Option 1: Google My Business Refresh
We remove all the existing reviews to get rid of unfair criticisms by removing your Google My Business listing.

Upon completion of the removal process, we will establish a brand new listing & restore your business hours, photos, etc.

Then, we will optimize your listing to appear in Google search and Maps.

Option 2: Opt-out of Google My Business reviews

When people search ‘your business name’, the window that appears on the right of the search results, with the shopfront photo, star rating, reviews, opening hours, etc…. would disappear completely. Nobody would be able to see any of its contents including address & reviews, and wouldn’t be able to place new reviews. Of course, your business website link would appear as normal in the usual search results, and people would still find the website.

Just in case if you need to be listed in the future, you can always create a new listing when you feel negative influx reduced or you can simply contact us to create a listing on your behalf for a small fee.


Our service options come with three guarantees.

Service options do not impact website SEO ranking & organic search results remain unaffected.

Both the service options are permanent solutions, reviews or listings once removed will never come back.