You will get to do create a guest post as the best business or product


Expected delivery: 10 days

Buyer Requirements:

  1. URL of your website
  2. Keywords
  3. Short Description about your keyword

1 business/niche
Include your website as the best in your industry

We will create a guest post – article describing your business as the best in your industry. This article will be posted on a high-traffic website.

The guest post will include min. 3 businesses, the first one will be yours.

For example:

The article will be about “Best Plumbers in Chicago” or “Best Lawyers in London” or “Best Books to Read Now” etc. In this post, We will feature your business as the first one and include the other 2 businesses (of our choice only), so the article looks natural.

There will be a link added to your website (all no-follow links from your brand name).

These posts are good for:

branding – Google will notice your brand name on the internet. Also, people will see it.
traffic – people search for your services/products. If they see this post, they will contact you.

Target countries:

New Zealand

We don’t Accept Adult sites. If you are not sure about your business, please contact us before purchasing the gig.