You will get to do create 290 google maps citations for ranking gmb local SEO listings


Expected delivery: 5 days

Buyer Requirements:

  1. Business name
  2. Full Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Website
  5. Business email
  6. Keywords
  7. Description
  8. Business Logo

Requirement (Optional):

  1. Social Media Links
  2. Category
  3. Business Hour

290 + Maps Citations + 10 Live Backlink + 10 Directions + 15 Mile Radius Area Cover

  • Near Me Optimization
  • Regional Keyword Research

100% Guaranteed to boost you up the local listing 3 pack.

Google likes to have lots of information about your business that it can refer to. The more evidence that it can find, the more credibility it gives to all that information. The most important thing is to make sure that all of your business data is consistent right across the internet

Building citations for your business can take time. To be done right and ensure that all your data is correct and consistent they need to be done manually. It’s crucial that the job is done right. You can use our service and it’s something that we include in all our basic local SEO services.

Benefits of G-Map Citations?

100% Manually Guaranteed

Increase Social Buzz in Local Area’s

Quality Back Links for Local SEO

(Name, Address, Phone) on G-Maps

Best for G-Local and G-Maps Rankings

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