You will get Review your Google Ads Account – Provide Report


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We will do 85 Review your Google Ads Account – Provide Report

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Each report/audit of your Google Ads account is individual and we really take time to make sure you are getting actionable and relevant advice. We will give you a detailed report of your google ads after thoroughly analyzing your account and your competitors.

Our detailed report will show you what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, and what you could do to improve performance and returns from your Google Ads campaigns.

Most importantly what is wasting money.

Use the info to reduce wasted spending and improve conversions and performance.

If you implement the steps in my review, your Google Ads account will improve.

In our review we will take an in-depth look into your Google Ads account and will:

* Analyse PPC best practices and see which ones your account passes and where it fails
* Look at Settings, and advise if defaults are holding you back
*Review your bidding strategy
* Review your conversion performance
* Ad types, variations, and Copy
* Look at opportunities in campaign choices and budget allocation
* Review campaign and ad group structure
* Review Quality Score
*Go through your Search Report to see if you have wasted spend
*Advice on Negative Keywords
* Review Ad Extensions
* Report on audience lists
*Advice on opportunities


To make it understandable and actionable, actions to be taken to improve your performance will be given throughout the report.
We will pinpoint areas you can improve to make Google Ads work for you.