You will get 7000 Telegram followers for channel or group


Expected delivery: 7 days

Buyer Requirement:

  • Your Telegram Channel Link

We will do 7000 Telegram followers for channel or group

  • Off-Page Strategy
  • Backlink Analysis

You will get 7000 Followers on Telegram

The purpose of this work is to increase the total number of participants, which is an important factor to attract the target audience.

Can be divided into several channels/groups (max. 2)

Sometimes an order can be completed in a few hours or 1 day.

The subscribers themselves are not the target audience and their activity is unlikely.

Absolutely safe, no sanctions from Telegram…

Over time, some subscribers may unsubscribe due to their lack of interest, usually no more than 12%.

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To get started, the seller needs:

We need only a link to the channel/group.

Channel/group must be public.

The channel must have at least 10 posts.

At the time of execution, do not order promotions from other performers.
What’s included:
Gradual Increase in Followers
Delivery: 3 days
Type of Service: Followers
Followers Type: Real Followers
Scope of this work: 7000 subscribers