You will get 5000 real followers TIK TOK


Expected delivery: 8 day

Buyer Requirement:

  1. Your Tiktok profile link

We will do 5000 real followers TIK TOK

  • Off-Page Strategy
  • Backlink Analysis

You will get 5000 high-quality live subscribers to your account + 50 like videos (put down randomly).

Not bots, but 100% real users of the Tik Tok social network
To get started, the seller needs:

To get started, you need a link to your Tik Tok.

While working on this order, you cannot change the page name in Tik Tok.
What’s included:
Specific Audience Age
Specific Audience Sex
Specific Audience Interests
Gradual Increase in Followers
Type of Service: Friends & Followers
Followers Type: Real Followers
Scope of this work: 5000 Followers