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Unsurprisingly, the debate has always raged regarding the ethics of buying Followers instead of earning them. Some argue that when you buy LinkedIn Followers, you’re effectively cheating. As you didn’t earn them the old-fashioned way, they’ve no right appearing on your profile.

In reality, all you’re doing is capitalizing on the tendency for LinkedIn users to make snap judgments, based on nothing of importance whatsoever. Just because one individual on LinkedIn has thousands of Followers and another has very few Followers doesn’t automatically mean that one is ‘better’ than the other. Nevertheless, this is the immediate interpretation of most users.

Truth is, all the LinkedIn Followers in the world cannot make up for a lack of talent, knowledge, skills, experience, and so on. Instead, buying LinkedIn Followers simply gives you the opportunity to make your voice heard and be taken seriously by others.

As a result of which, you’re also more likely to start attracting new Followers organically.

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